Hello, World!

My name is Tiina Lusi and I’m an avid animal lover. With the love I have, comes respect, appreciation, and the urge to want to make the World a better place – for all of us, but especially for animals.

My goal with this blog is to bring awareness to global and local topics revolving around animals. As time goes on, you will learn more about the ongoing and historical issues surrounding how animals have been and continue to be treated. Whether this is related to animal cruelty, adoption, pet ownership, wildlife, shelter limitations and opportunities, and so forth.

As you know, within the last few years animal cruelty awareness has been gaining more traction in the eyes of people and the government, however, change takes time and it is not always welcomed by everyone. The more we shed light on the past, where we’ve come from, what’s going on now, and where we want to head to, the more likely these positive changes will occur. Unfortunately, we cannot snap our fingers and make everyone change, but what we do have control over is ourselves, our actions, our morals, and our voice. The more we get involved, speak up, and support one another, the better off the animals will be.

So who inspired me to do this? Well, great question! I grew up around animals. The good, bad and the ugly of it. I loved them then and I love them now. However, my values have further developed because I am a dog owner. My dog, Jackson, is a valued, loyal, loving family member. He makes me strive to be a better person, for myself, for him, and for others. As a kid, I loved animals, but maybe didn’t understand the responsibility of taking care of them and making sure they have a good life. I mean, I was just a kid and that’s what we think we have parents for. Wrong! We need to instill in everyone, no matter the age, that we all need to give what we take. If we want love, then we should give love in return. If we want understanding, we should give understanding. If we want respect, we should give respect.

So, Jackson was ultimately my first experience with taking full responsibility for raising someone. It was a lot of work, but it was and has been so worth it. He has taught me about patience, respect, obedience, management, love, care, and priorities. Truly, when I look into his eyes, I feel as though I’m looking into his soul and he back at mine. I feel connected as “one” when he puts his head or body to mine and just stays there for seconds or minutes, just to be close and feel whole. That’s why I’m here. I’m here to help provide awareness around animals, what they need, what they deserve, and how we can make it happen. So join me on this adventure…I ensure you, it may be a bit of bumpy ride in the beginning, but the journey will be so worth it! In advance, thank you for reading, sharing, and supporting. If we unite, we can in fact, make positive change.

I’m open to any constructive feedback regarding my focuses here, as I truly believe we can make this World a better place for everyone in it.

Have a great weekend and stay tuned to upcoming posts here and on social media!


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