‘Be Kind to Animals Week (5/7-5/13)’ – Be Kind Always!

This week is a “celebration” of being kind to animals, though the question begs…shouldn’t we always be kind? This week is more of building awareness for others to make a change or be a part of change. However, you can do your due diligence every day just by being a good person. Speaking up when you see something suspicious or cruel, calling in a tip to help the local animal shelters or animal control teams come and diffuse a situation, or simply just taking more time to put your own pet, first. Regardless of what you do on your own, try to reflect on ‘what can I do to help others in need?’ or ‘how will this impact someone else?’. Doing that alone will make a difference, not only for our World and the species in it, but for your own mind and body.

As we ‘celebrate’ being kind to animals, I would like remind you of ways in which you can do this and help others do the same. Whether these people are innocent bystanders and/or the persons being cruel. If you continuous see the same dog tied up outside, every day you pass by on your work commute, consider stopping and assessing the situation.

If you live in a region with more than one season and the dog is still out there daily without their own shelter, looking mopey, thin, whatever, take the time to just be observant. The next step is totally situational, but I advise to be careful. Some people choose to handle things head on, which can be good, but also can be confrontational, which you shouldn’t necessarily be putting yourself at risk. The owner of the neglected animal or the abuser could be someone not to mess with. So use your own judgment.

What I am asking from you is to become more aware of your surroundings, animals in need, what you can do to fix it in the outside World and/or what you can even improve in your own home. Continue to love, get involved, and be the change you want to see. It starts with each and every one of us, so let’s get this ball rolling!

Example of my kindness this week: Signing up to volunteer at local shelters. Every little bit of involvement, help, and knowledge we can gain and provide, makes a world of difference.

What type of kindness can you share?


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