States Slowly Creating Registry for Animal Abusers

More and more states are coming around to the idea of implementing a “registry” for animal abusers. This is would act similarly to sex offenders, to where people nearby will be aware of who is an animal abuser, avoid any animal adoptions and/or purchases ideally. The first few states that started down this route were back in 2016 and a few more have joined since.

What does this mean for animals and what does this mean for our communities? This means it is one step closer to keeping animals out of the hands of bad people. Will it still happen? Yes. Will it happen less? Possibly. If this could be passed nationwide, that would provide further success in this mission. Only time will tell if that will occur, but for now, these small victories can and may lead to one larger goal- preventing animal abuse from further happening.

Having a list for animal abusers will prevent people from adopting animals like dogs, cats, and etc, that have been convicted of some sort of animal abuse. The animal abuse can range from physical abuse, dog fighting, malnutrition, lack of neutering/spaying, and ongoing, untreated medical conditions. The only problem? It’s reactive. We won’t be able to prevent new people who have been under the radar, from adopting. We won’t be able to stop an animal abuser from going to the next state over to adopt. We won’t be able to save the animals that potentially get in the hands of these people.

Those are some ways of looking at this, but every cause needs to start somewhere and this is definitely a step in the right direction. I was unable to obtain a full list of states that have passed this, but once I do, I will update this post with that information! So far, from what I can see, Tennessee was first. Others following suit as of recently are Florida and New York. If the bill is passed,  then these states will join Tennessee and the others, in this effort to stop animal abuse.

What do you think of this approach? Do you think it will/is beneficial? Do you know if your state has this law passed or no? If not, how can you get involved to push this action through?


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